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Vital Technologies Hair Treatment for Women

Hair Treatment for Women (HTW)  is formulated to help revitalize hair and pigmentation in 6-8 weeks. 30 ml bottle provides a 5-6 week supply.
Uses S²RM stem cell technology to nourish hair follicles.

Our Hair Treatment for Women is formulated using BRS’s core S2RM TechnologyTM where the molecules from multiple stem cell types are used to nourishe the scalp’s stem cell niche where the hair and the hair’s pigmentation develop. For the millions of women who struggle with hair loss, the results of our trials indicate the potential for a highly effective treatment.

***Please be advised that HTW has been specifically formulated for Women; a second formulation for Men is being developed and will be released later this year. Consequently, if you are a male purchasing this product for your own use and wish to return this item to BRS for any reason, BRS will only refund one-half of your purchase price.

To view the video testimonial go to http://youtu.be/rvbIitbmCqg