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Vital Technologies Power Pak

Stem Cell-Based Anti-Aging Skin Care featuring S2RM TechnologyTM to repair and rejuvenate skin

BIOREGENERATIVE SCIENCES is pleased to announce their release of the “Power Pak” of Stem Cell-Based Cosmeceutical products that reverse the effects of aging on the appearance of the skin. Each of these products uses BRS‘s (patent pending)S²RM Technology which integrates the molecules released from adult human stem cells to reverse signs of aging.

  1. Intensive Anti-Aging Booster - A Booster to promote healthy skin, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, enhance and even skin tone, and restore a healthy, youthful appearance to the skin. Using S2RM Technology in a spray form, the Intensive Anti-Aging Booster is used twice weekly in conjunction with the daily use of Vital Serum to restore a youthful look to the skin.
  2. Skin Serum – Formulated to repair damaged skin resulting in the reduction and elimination of lines and wrinkles associated with aging. Skin Serum will also repair dull or photo damaged skin resulting in smoother, more luminous skin with even coloration and tone.
  3. Eye Serum – Incorporates a multitude of natural antioxidants, melatonin-interacting molecules, and growth factors to restore the youthful, healthy appearance of the skin surrounding the eyes.
  4. Moisturizer- For use at bedtime, this is a thicker cream containing the S²RM Technology, plus added anti-oxidants, and cutting-edge technology featuring a natural ingredient derived from marine organisms used to super-moisturize the skin thus allowing the outer dead layer of skin (stratum corneum) to exfoliate without irritation.