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Quantum holographic discs are non-transdermal, meaning nothing passing through the skin (no chemical or anything else entering the body).  The Quantum energy in the discs work with the body's natural energy flow to bring your body back to its optimal function state.  Essentially, the disc is bringing the body back into the state of balance, or homeostasis.  Think of it as acupuncture without the needles.  This process takes place based on the science of the Meridian System (our body energy's flow), combined with the concept of physics called entrainment.  

Because the formulas are quantum energies, the body will only accept what it needs to become balanced, meaning you cannot overdose.  Quantum energy discs are considered 100% safe for all ages, when used as directed.  There are no drugs, involved, that means no drug interactions, no contraindications, no negative side effects!.  They are safe for men, women, children and elderly, regardless what medications they are on.

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